How to place a Google map into Joomla 1.5.x
I will show different ways of how to implement Google maps in a modul position or within your content using a standard Joomla Modul rather than one of the different Modules provided today

There are many ready made tools like modules or components which help you to put Google maps into Joomla! 1.5.x But what ever you take, there is either trouble in it or you give away your control about the matter. In fact, most of the time it is easier to create the maps manually and control each map, set to as many pages as you want, from a single module or a component.

Some ways how you can implement a Google Map into Joomla 1.5.x

1. Set an google iframe direct into your page
2. Set the google code into? a self created modul and place it to every position you like
3. Set the google maps code as a module to every position within your content

But let's start:

The easiest way is to use either the modul mod_customcode or mod_custom (Custom HTML) which is a part of Joomla! 1.5.7 to 1.5.15. First you must open a new module. Than copy the iframe code of Goggle maps into the text field of the module. You get the iframe if you go to google maps and search for the position you like). After that you klick on "URL" on the top right of the google maps page. In the new window you can either copy the link to the map or the code set into a iframe. set the desired size an you are finished. A more precise tutorial on how to create a google maps code, you will find here... (up to now only in german) how to get the Google code you can read here...

Below you see how the code looks like:





Green = The first two patterns show the size of the map. The longer rows of numbers is the position in the world the maps shows (longitued, latidue). You can change them manually too but it is quite difficult. it is easier to move the map on Google maps homepage. The first line shows the window shown on your page, the second line the window which will be shown after you klick on the line "show bigger size" at the bottom of the page.

Purple: This number varies between 1 and 14. This shows the zoom effect of the map shown. 1 shows the whole world, 14 shows singel houses in the chosen region.

How this looks on a active Joomla page you can see here...
you can download the module her.

PS: mod_custom in Joomla 1.5.7 bis 1.5.15
the module mod_customcode today is a part of Joomla .
If you can't find mod_customcode in your Joomla! installation 1.5.7 - 1.5.15 you will find it if you create a new module:
Extension / Module Manager / klick on the top right on "New". After that choose Custom HTML and klick on it. Now give it a name an you will see it again.

Any questions?
If you have any questions, please place them at the comment field below the article and not via the contact form. That way this tutorial will improve day by day. If you wish to leave a comment you must register first. Sorry about that, but the spammers... If you ar not in the mood to register, I am sure you will find the answer if you search the web.

Other way to implement Google Maps into Joomla 1.5.x

Control your Google maps with a macro manager

Macro Manager

A macro manager controls your code in another way. It is like a database hosting your map codes. You can creat categories like: Maps of Europe, Maps of Cities etc.

You can start or end this maps from a central place or change its size. The code you set into your article is very simple. Something like: [googlemaps_zurich]{Landkarte}[/googlemaps_zurich]

Evertime you write this code in a page, it will start the code and create the map you stored in the database of the Macro Manager with the name "googlemaps_zurich"

Before you can control your maps this way you must install a Macro-Manager. See below...

? ?

A very useful Macro Manager is "RokCandy" of Rocket Themes. It works straight after installation and the best is: its free! You get it here...

Now you can organise your codes with the Macro Manager Component. After that there will be a special botton in your Editor which calles the code. This way it can be placed very easy in every article you wish too. Once you like to change the map, you just change the code in your Macro Manager and all the pages you set it once are changed at the same time.

Good luck!


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