How to integrate Gallery2 into Joomla 1.5.x

Everyone who worked for a while with Joomla! and Gallery2 knows that there some difficulties whenever you try to combine these two. It is possible, to say this clearly but there are some files you need and some things you'd better know.

The normal way to get it run ist to start the usual never ending tour through the different forums. It usually takes time.? This is why I have tried to collect the necessary information on the subject. You also find the files you need within the download section of this page. If it happened that there is any new files on the subject and I: 1. have not? been run over by a public bus, or 2. have been run away to an unknown island or 3. try to be a shepard on a Swiss alp, I will upload the new files right away. But we better start with the important stuff...

What files do I have to install in order to connect Joomla! with Gallery2:

1. The Joomla Component

  • com_g2bridge_2.1

2. The Joomla Plugins:

  • plg_g2brigde_auth
  • plg_g2bridge_seach
  • plg_g2bridge_user
  • plg_g2bridge_imageblock
  • plg_g2bridge_sidebar
  • plg_g2bridge_cb (be uploaded via CB installer)

You must install this files via the Joomla! installer in the admin section. Do not forget to activate the plugins after installation.

If you like to connect your Gallery2 installation with the Joomla! Community Builder you need in addition the following file (be aware that it needs at least some small hacks to look properly:

plgcb_g2bridge_cb (you must upload this file via the Joomla CB installer. It only runs on CB 1.1)

3. How to configure the Gallery2 Bridge in the Joomla backend?

Joomla > Components > Gallery2 Bridge > Settings

Here you will have to enter the path to your embeded PHP on your server. Additionally you must enter the URL to the Gallery2 on your server. This, depending on your server, my look like this:

  • Gallery 2 Path: /home/Your_Username/public_html/swissphoto/galerie/embed.php
  • Gallery 2 URL:

Where do I get the files I need from?

Either within the Downlod section of this page (you must register to keep hotlinks away, sorry!)

... or on (this link very often does not work. That is the main reason why I store the files here too).

Where can I find an example of a working installation of Gallery2 inegration into Joomla 1.5.x?

You may klick here:

And a example of the ImageBlock Module you can find here (right side small):

This Module can be copied as many times as you wish. Possible parameters are:

Size of thumbnails

  • Numbers of shown thumbnails
  • Shown type of pictures: Random Images, Last Added, Most Viewed, Daily Image, Weekly Image, Monthly Image, Specific Image
  • Some other parameters
The parameter "item frame" would be nice too, but mostly does not work (you may try this yourself and let us know)



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